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Cup & Shoulder Hooks

Cup & Shoulder Hooks

Bright Brass Plating Screw Tip Base With Shoulder. This Hook would be appropriate for a wide range of uses, they can be used to decorate rooms – hanging flower baskets, cups, whatever you want to decorate or organize.


▪Material Available – Carbon Steel with zinc plated, Stainless Steel, Brass.

▪Custom Finish – We can offer zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, brass plating, a standard plasticized finish.

▪Custom Sizes – Our unique mass customization manufacturing operation allows us to customize sizes far more easily than any other provider.


Suited for applications on solid and semisolid supports: stone, concrete, solid brick, semisolid brick. Designed for joint scaffolding by means of extensions.

Item No. Wire Diameter Total Length Inner eye diameter Thread Length Collar Thickness Bag Carton
mm mm mm mm mm pcs pcs
HCS 14001 3.1±0.1 65±2.0 13±1.0 35±2.0 1.4±0.2 100 2000
HCS 14002 3.1±0.1 65±2.0 15±1.0 35±2.0 1.4±0.2 100 2000
HCS 11003 3.5±0.1 85±2.0 15±1.0 48±1.0 1.4±0.2 100 2000
HCS 11003 5.4±0.2 95±2.0 15±1.0 50±1.0 1.7±0.3 100 2000


  • solid
  • semi
  • stone
  • hollow

Usage Scenarios

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